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Press play to watch and hear the speaker use 'salmon,' and then use the instant replay/loop button to review the pronunciation as many times as you need.
Search for a word and you'll not only get audio of how to pronounce it, but also tagged videos of real people in real situations naturally speaking and using the word in context.
Try it on the left for the word "salmon" which is often mispronounced. Look up your own words above.

Virtual Face-to-Face Pronunciations Virtual Face-to-Face Pronunciations: With videos like the above, you get to not only hear the word but actually see facial gestures that different people use to produce pronunciations. It's virtually like having someone in front of you pronouncing the word when you watch in full-screen and/or zoomed. Tens of thousands of words have such videos. We hope to get one or more for every word! .

Non-isolated Pronunciations Non-isolated Pronunciations: In real life, words are typically not pronounced in isolation. Research suggests that exposure to surrounding language around a pronunciation, as videos provide, can significantly benefit a learner. .

Why a pronunciation dictionary?

If this is your first time on this site, you might want to take a look at the EmbedPlus home page and play with our core products like the customizable player for YouTube videos. There, you'll also see our very popular YouTube for WordPress tool for the standard player.

Since launching the customizable player, however, we've not only been thinking of new features but also ways of leveraging it to enhance the things that people do on the web. Reference sites and educational applications are spaces that are quite popular and could generally benefit from added multimedia for conveying certain concepts. Most dictionaries, for example, provide audio pronunciations of words to help learners. It's rare, however, to find videos that are tagged and time-stamped for learning pronunciations, allowing learners to jump to times when a given word is used by a speaker. We see tagged videos not only helping in learning how to pronounce a word, but they could also be effective in illustrating word usage and certain cultural concepts.

Along these lines, we started our exploration by building this evolving pronunciation dictionary with usage video examples. This is very much an experiment, but, in the end, we hope to have a well-curated set of tagged videos.

- EmbedPlus Team

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