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Below are some free and PRO features you'll find in one or more of our tools.

Annotations/External Links

Add multiple timed annotations and calls-to-action to any video, even if you're not the owner. Go PRO and you can add clickable external website links. See how we use it in this example to invite viewers to sign up on MailChimp. Embedding a product video? Add links to your customer conversion page(s) at the end of playback »


Discussions about a video occur in many places outside of comments. React is required unless you're pro. Show viewers the latest Internet reactions, right from your site. We are currently showing reactions from Google+, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube; more platforms are coming soon.

Analytics Dashboard

A straight-forward dashboard that answers questions that embedders really want to know: How much are your visitors actually watching the videos you post? How does the view activity on your site compare to other sites like it? How much do the producers of videos you embed rely on your site for views? Are you embedding videos that have blocks/restrictions that you are not aware of?

Chapter Marking

Like DVD chapter buttons, click these to skip to marked times. Use the wizard to mark notable parts like game highlights, changing performers, and lecture sections. Mark multiple events and then simply reference scene numbers in discussions. If you don't mark scenes, the player tries to use our Sweet Spot Marking algorithm to automatically mark the parts generating the most viewer buzz.


Crop, Cut, Splice, Chop. Plays just the interesting part of a video that you decide. It's helpful for highlighting snippets of long videos.

Sweet Spot Marking

Helps you catch the best parts of a video by revealing the scenes that are generating the most buzz by other viewers. Jump right to them with the chapter buttons. Read more here .

Deleted Video Alerts

YouTube takes down videos all the time, leaving 'empty embeds' across a vast number of already published pages. EmbedPlus lets you know if it happens to videos you've embedded, so you can avoid showing the annoying 'This video does not exist' message on your site. The alerts are displayed on your dashboard »

Instant Replay / Loop

Replay an event soon after it happens. Also double-click to loop the replay. You can triple-click to loop the whole video.

Slow Motion On-Demand

Instantly watch YouTube videos in slow motion to more clearly see what happens. Use it for videos with sports highlights, demos, tricks, and raw footage. Try it with scene 3 above.

Diagnostic Reports

Discover important service problems that Google/YouTube are having right now that might affect your embeds, playlists, and analytics. The reports include issues affecting standard and advanced players on different devices (e.g. phones, tablets, and PCs).

Video SEO Tags

Automatically add Google, Bing, and Yahoo friendly markup so that all of your Wordpress pages with YouTube embeds can be indexed to have a greater chance of showing up in search engine results for those particular videos, even if you aren't the owner. The markup also promotes the chances of your pages showing up with actual video thumbnails within SERPs.

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