About Us

We are a team of coders who have watched countless web videos over many years (and still do). These experiences have generated a number of feature-related 'what ifs.' EmbedPlus has been our venture towards realizing these features. In this process, we experimented with all sorts of platforms: mobile, desktop, browser extensions, custom YouTube and Vimeo experiences, Flash (back when it was hot!), and much more.

We still create custom web video solutions. More recently, however, we've focused much of our development efforts into building YouTube plugins for WordPress. Our most active plugin, in fact, has gradually taken over and has become the main attraction of this site.

Still feel free to reach out to us about developing any custom video solutions for your site or app -- especially in the context of YouTube.

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Why YouTube and WordPress?

You might wonder why we focus so much on YouTube. Simply put, a third of all online activity is spent watching videos, with much of this being on YouTube. Mix that with YouTube's extensive API and the fact that over 20% of all websites are powered by WordPress, we're covering quite a bit of ground.

Contact Us

Send us a note if you have any sales questions or if you're interested in working with us: bizdev (This email is not for support issues. For such cases, please use the appropriate channels for help that are specifically provided within the tools that we offer, and/or watch our growing list of instructional videos)