About Us

We are a team of coders/videoheads. Over the years, we've watched countless web videos and asked a number of feature-related 'what ifs.' EmbedPlus is our venture towards realizing these features. More recently, we've been focused on the application of these ideas to YouTube WordPress embedding »

Why YouTube and WordPress?

You might wonder why we focus so much on YouTube. Simply put, a third of all online activity is spent watching videos, with much of this being on YouTube. Mix that with YouTube's extensive API and the fact that over 20% of all websites are powered by WordPress, we're covering quite a bit of ground.

Contact Us

Send us a note if you have any sales questions or if you're interested in working with us: (This email is not for support issues. For such cases, please use the appropriate channels for help that are specifically provided within the tools that we offer, and/or watch our growing list of instructional videos »)