Add Lazy Loaded Animation Effects to YouTube Embeds

EmbedPlus now allows you to display eye-catching animation effects with your standard YouTube embeds as they load on your WordPress site. It's quite easy to do this after you've installed and upgraded our YouTube - WordPress plugin. Then, by just selecting from a menu on the settings page, you can set your videos to bounce, flip, pulse, and slide as they load on the screen.

animation option

That's it! The plugin handles everything else from the lazy loading, CSS, and animation.

This feature was all motivated by multiple developers that were creating product landing pages containing videos; they wanted the ability to easily create a slide-in effect on said videos. We upped the ante and added a variety of animations to give you fun ways to differentiate your site in seconds. Here's a video demoing the current animations of the YouTube - WordPress plugin (also embedded below). We hope to add even more over time.

Go PRO to add YouTube loading effects to WordPress

Our implementation uses a lazy loading approach, which only loads a YouTube player when it has become visible on the screen to play. Some users with video heavy pages, have told us that the feature has been helpful in reducing the lag that users might feel when scrolling the pages. In fact, if you specifically have pages that have lots of videos, you might want to play with this feature and start with a very simple animation option like fade-in or pulse if you don’t want much effects.