Ever embed a YouTube video, live stream, or gallery and wondered...

Have your visitors tried to view a page and/or gallery on your site with deleted or unavailable videos?
How much are your visitors actually watching the videos you post?
How does the view activity on your site compare to other sites like it?
What and when are your best and worst performers?
How much do the producers of videos you embed rely on your site for views?
Are you embedding videos that are blocked in other countries?

Get answers without having to leave your WordPress admin.
No coding. Emphasis on simplicity.

Preview some of the kinds of basic and advanced charts you'll get:

Viewing Activity: Past 14 Days Viewing Activity: Past 30 Days

Impressions vs. Plays

Are your visitors actually playing the videos you post? This graph compares the daily impressions to the daily plays. If you find that the daily plays are typically much lower than the daily impressions, you may want to explore ways to motivating visitors to play.

Daily Performance

How does your website perform compared to other sites like yours? The graph compares the daily plays-to-impressions ratio on your website to the average daily plays-to-impressions ratio of a sample of websites that have had a similar traffic history to yours.

Are you above...

...or below your peers today?

Top Played Videos
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How much do the producers of videos you embed rely on your site for views?

Deleted Video Alerts Example
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Have your visitors tried to view pages on your site with deleted/unavailable videos?

Restricted Countries Example
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Are you embedding videos that are blocked in other countries?

Analytics Terms

Turning on this analytics feature is optional. If you do opt in to the analytics feature, you're allowing our system to process your site's YouTube plays and impressions to create your Pro Analytics dashboard, and to ensure your analytics are running smoothly. We will not use this information for anything else. We will never sell the data or give it to any third parties. The data collected includes: GET request information (including cookies), site URL, YouTube player impressions, and YouTube player plays. However, none of your site's identifiable visitors information, such as IP addresses, are used or stored.

Other Benefits

  • Play and impression count activity monitoring
  • Performance comparisons with peer-group sites
  • Quick and easy setup (no coding involved)
  • Cancel subscription at any time
  • Daily, 14-day, and 30-day reports
  • Quickly preview your least and most active videos
  • More cool features to come from our labs
  • Priority and direct email support with our team

Available in the Popular and Best Deal options below

PRO Features
(Hover over each feature for details)
PRO 1 Core PRO 2 Popular PRO 3 Best Deal
Full Visual Customization Wizard
We've made the ability to directly search and insert videos, galleries, and live streams free to all users. However, PRO users can also visually add many individual customizations to these embeds without having to memorize current and future codes. We'll keep it updated as YouTube evolves and adds new options. Playlist and gallery wizard features also included.
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Advanced Gallery Customization
List and slider layouts, popup/lightbox player, wizard sizing, thumbnail hiding for text only paging, and more. You can even customize galleries so that different ones have different display settings.
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Faster Page Loads (Caching)
Use embed caching to speed up your page loads. By default, WordPress needs to request information from YouTube.com's servers for every video you embed, every time a page is loaded. These data requests can add time to your total page load time. Turn on this feature to cache that data (instead of having to request for the same information every time you load a page). This should then make your pages that have videos load faster. It's been noted that even small speed ups in page load can help increase visitor engagement, retention, and conversions.
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Featured Thumbnail Images
Automatically grab the thumbnail image of the first video embedded in each post or page, and use it as the featured image. All you have to do is click Update on a post or page and the plugin does the rest!
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Automatic Video SEO Markup
Update your YouTube embeds with Google, Bing, and Yahoo friendly video SEO markup
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Eye-catching (Lazy) Loading Effects
Add eye-catching special effects that will make your YouTube embeds bounce, flip, pulse, or slide as they load on the screen.
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Mobile Compatibility Check
More and more visitors are browsing the web using mobile devices. Some YouTube channels, however, block the viewing of their videos on these devices for different reasons (e.g. preferred desktop ad revenue and user experience). For each YouTube video you embed, you can see if it has restrictions that might limit your site's mobile visitors from viewing it.
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Fine-grained Volume Initialization
This extends the global volume feature of the FREE version by including volume initialization in the PRO wizard. It will allow you to set a volume level that is specific to each video that you embed without worrying about underlying code.
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Priority Support
Priority YouTube embedding support.
3 Months 6 Months Lifetime
Deleted Video Alerts
This service warns you about videos that you've embedded in the past and have been deleted from YouTube.com. Since YouTube removes videos all the time, the goal is to prevent your visitors from seeing the annoying "This video does not exist." YouTube message on your site. The hope is that you can find a similar video to replace the removed one. You get alerts when visitors regularly visit pages with deleted videos. Finally, due to frequent requests we've now enabled the deleted video checking service in this plan so it can work with past YouTube videos you embedded even before using our plugin.
6 Months 1 Year
User-friendly Analytics Dashboard
A straight-forward dashboard to answer questions like: How much are your visitors actually watching the videos you post? How does the view activity on your site compare to other sites like it? How much do the producers of videos you embed rely on your site for views? See details here »
6 Months 1 Year
Blocked Country Alerts
Visitors from different countries can be blocked from viewing videos that you embed. This could be due to different reasons, spanning copyright (region) restrictions to simply an uploader's choice, or politics. For example, we found 250 county blocks on a version of a recent pop star's music video. This feature can be helpful if you regularly embed videos on a site that has visitors from other countries than your own. For each video on your dashboard that has a restriction, you'll see a list of the affected countries. Now integrated with Google Maps!

6 Months 1 Year
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