How to Embed YouTube Live Chat with a Live Stream Embed in WordPress

Our plugin not only allows you to embed the YouTube live stream player, but also the live chat box. This can add more interaction to your site by carrying conversations between (and across) your visitors. It even provides a monetization option to earn money if you enable your YouTube channel's Super Chat feature.

To determine the placement of the live chat box, the plugin uses the dimensions of the container in which you wish to embed the live stream. Wide enough containers will have the chat box to the right of the live stream player, as shown below:

youtube live chat horizontal

Smaller containers will have the live chat box directly under the embedded video as shown below:

youtube live chat stacked

To automatically include the live chat box with each embedded live stream, you can check the global setting shown below in the plugin's admin page:

youtube live stream chat settings page arrows

Once you check it, you'll see some important information like the specifics of container width and placement. It also states that YouTube limits the embedding of the live chat box so that it cannot be seen on mobile devices. This is a YouTube decision and cannot be overridden by this plugin or other live chat box embedding method. Our plugin, however, is smart enough to automatically address the resulting spacing issues, so that your mobile visitors do not see an empty area while non-mobile visitors see a filled area. Take a look at the checked option below:

youtube live stream chat settings page selected

Finally, you can also make live stream specific settings to override the global settings mentioned above. That is, if you want one live stream to not have a chat box, you'd simply uncheck the option shown below in the live stream embedding wizard.

youtube live stream chat wizard

Note: Live chat is not available if your channel or live stream’s audience is set as made for kids. See more here.