How To Hide YouTube Related Videos

As of September 2018, YouTube officially changed the behavior of the rel parameter, which used to allow users to completely disable the related videos that showed up at the end of YouTube videos. This option was quite popular before the change. The option still accepts the value of 0, which originally meant disable, but now using it will result in related videos from just the channel of the embedded video being shown. The benefit there is that if you're both the embedder of the video and the (channel) owner, all of the related videos will at least be yours. So, ultimately, you get traffic one way or another.

If you're not the channel owner, then things become a bit tricky if you want your visitors to keep consuming your page content. For similar reasons, some publishers may not want related videos at the end of a video they embed, even if the video is from their own channel.

With our YouTube WordPress plugin, you can now prevent related YouTube at the end of playback. The solution is quite simple. That is, the plugin just stops the video right at the last frame to keep the related videos from displaying. Watch the demo below: